SPIQ HAIR BASE is located near the Sultan Mosque in Bugis, and since its opening in July 2019, it has gained a wide following among local Singaporean, Japanese, and Westerners. Our salon’s name “SPIQ” comes from the initials of “Sense,” “Pursue,” “Interest,” and “Quality. 

The store is bright and deep, with seats spaced comfortably apart so that customers can concentrate on their treatment. The interior has a stylish and relaxed atmosphere, a far cry from the trendy cafe-style decorations.

Our manager, Sio&Ryo, worked at a salon in Tokyo before moving to Singapore in 2012. After working at a salon in Singapore for seven years, They launched SPIQ. Their exquisite and innovative coloring done with delicate handiwork has gained their a reputation among local Singaporeans,
and they have done many treatments in Singapore.

In order to achieve the ideal shade of color, it is necessary to select the right agent and application technique according to the hair type. The more advanced the color, the more knowledge and skill is required, and at SPIQ, the stylists, including our stylists, have a wealth of skill, experience, and knowledge in coloring. We are confident that “coloring is SPIQ’s strength, and we are particular about the technical aspects”.